Abstract of the paper

The use of remote access and remote visualization tools in unmanned projects of
today’s defence systems has been gathering considerable momentum over the past decade or so. In this context, re-assessment of the applications which were used in the past is one of the popular practices. In this paper, “Nusret Minelayer”, a ship used at the Battle of Gallipoli, is taken as an example, from which an updated simulation and a new design are created. The Project is based on the examination of remotely captured
image of a “minefield” and an unmanned minesweeper which approaches to suspect objects and perceives whether those are mines.

P.S. : This paper was published in Turkish and it was one of my publications from Master of Science degree at TOBB Economy and Technology University.

You can reach this paper from here.


Published by aubatmaz

I am a Post-Doctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, Canada

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