I am a hardworking, passionate, determined, social person who aims to contribute to community as a scientist, engineer and developer.


  • Unity 3D
    • C#
    • Javascript
  • Python
    • OpenCV
    • Numpy
    • Pandas
    • Tensorflow
  • Matlab /Simulink
  • Arduino
    • C, C++
  • SPSS
  • Unreal Engine
  • GraphPad
  • JMP
  • Sigmaplot
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI


  • English – Fluent
  • Turkish -Native
  • French – Intermediate (B2)

Hello! I am Anil Ufuk Batmaz.

I am a science enthusiast currently working as Assistant Professor at Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

What do I do ?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Human-Computer Interaction

Data Visualization and Analysis

Training Systems and Simulators

Human-Robot Interaction

Software Development


Simon Fraser University – Postdoctoral Fellow

(2018 -2021)

  • Research on 3D User Interfaces, focused on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Data analysis and assessment with univariate and multivariate General Linear Models including ANOVA and ART. 
  • Developed a dashboard using PowerBI and Python, to analyze and monitor surgeon’s workload at Fraser Health. 
  • For Boeing’s maintenance monitoring application, designed an interaction algorithm in C# to enhance user experience. 
  • Industry collaboration with Stambol Inc. to develop a VR and AR platform enabling both remote training and telemedicine. 
  • Collaborated with NRC, developed algorithms to improve the user experience of aircraft motor technician training. 
  • Used machine learning to auto select object interaction methods in VR based on context and actions.
  • Using Python on Raspberry Pi3, designed a semi-autonomous speed controller algorithm to improve user experience.
  • Volunteer: Poster chair of ACM VRST 2020, Program Committee Member of IEEE VR 2019-2021 and ACM VRST 2020 conferences. Co-guest editor of the special edition of Frontiers Journal on multi-modal interaction.

University of Strasbourg – PhD (2016 – 2017)

  • Performed statistical analysis in Python to guide the development of an adaptive feedback medical training system
  • Designed and built a monitoring system that provided feedback to improve surgeons’ experience using a STRAS surgical robot. 
  • Conducted user studies and published a list of recommendations for software developers of medical VR/AR applications.
  • Invited speaker: “Virtual Reality in Surgery”, Pint of Science, Strasbourg, France, 2017. “Virtual Reality challenged by image-guided surgery”, Paris, France, 2017. “Inside the virtual brain: using OCULUS DK2 for surgical planning”, NeuroTalk, Barcelona, Spain, 2007.

GFDS 3D Animation and Software Inc. (2013 – 2015)

Managed a team of six developing Mobile AR sales applications and other visual software solutions C# for diverse industries including pharmaceutical, car battery manufacturer, construction and architecture and many others 

  • Collaborated with customers to design platform and software specifications to meet their needs and constraints.
  • Managed projects using Trello and Agile software methodology, controlled quality with unit testing and regular code reviews. 
  • Lead the team to develop a multi-user Boeing simulator for cooperative pilot education and training over network. 
  • Created a zSpace medical training and diagnosis application in Python, VTK and OpenGL to explore patient scans in 3D.
  • Developed the software and hardware of a glove to interact with objects in VR, used in a variety of commercial applications.

TOBB ETU – MSc (2011-2013)

  • Developed a mathematical model to theoretically increase the lifetime of wireless sensor networks up to 90%.
  • Designed and built a hobbyist drone, optimized controller coefficients in MATLAB to improve stability.


Kadir Has University, Mechatronics Engineering Department

Cibali Mah. Kadir Has Cad.
Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey 34083

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